A Billion Kisses

Kisses to you
Oh My Missus
You are my life
But the society calls
You my wife


Kisses to you
Oh My Missus
You have given me you
Oh I love you

Kisses to you
Oh My Missus
With you
Everyday is new

Kisses to you
Oh My Missus
there is no one like you
oh My missus

Kisses to you
Oh my missus
Not one ,not million
but a billion

The day he came

The day he came into our life,
he changed our lives
In our quiet life
he was the noise.
In our dull life
he was the vibrance
With him in our life
We felt full of life

The day we knew
He would be slow
To follow
This world, this life
There was no noise
There was no vibrance
There was only pain

A wise one said
No pain no gain
We had to overcome the pain
As there was always a ray of sunshine
After the rain

To write

I wanted to write

I tried with all my might

but,there was a fright

about what I will write

I thought what to write

Thought what would be right

But still I had the fright,

I asked , why this fright

I started to write ,

about what is right .

I only hope

when done,

This should be the one.

I completed what I started.

what I read

makes me feel

Everything that is written will be read

HIM and HER -EP-4 – The End


It is a year since the day his friend started that conversation. Now we are tying the Knot in a months time. It has been a wonderful last year, we have shared almost everything with each other and felt that love blossom

The marriage is on  June 6th,2015 and all are invited.


On the facebook wall of HIM, I write

“ I am happy reading the marriage invite. Your lives intertwined in the daily travels in the bus from Al fahidi bus stop. Some journeys begin and some end, but for you, the journey began when you spoke to HER”.

******************************THE END*********************************

HIM and HER-EP-3


It was Thursday evening and the metro was crowded. He was  observing all the people in the compartment. He could count the number of people who were actually in the compartment. They belonged to various nationalities. These many people in the coach reflected the spirit of UAE. The next stop is “ Dubai Internet City” came the announcement. The train came to a halt at the Dubai Internet City metro station . The doors opened and there she walked in with a twinkle in her eyes and the beautiful smile.


It was Thursday evening and she had planned to take the metro to reach home earlier. She was waiting at the Dubai Internet City metro Station. The next train was arriving shortly as per the announcement. She was near the ladies section. She decided she would not take the ladies coach and moved ahead. The train arrived and once the doors opened, she walked in  and on seeing him standing near the door, she smiled and he smiled back


It was Thursday evening and I wanted to reach home early . So I asked him to tag along with me. We boarded the train from Nakheel Metro Station. I was observing him since past few weeks , he always used to be searching for someone. He had told me about her but I had never seen her before. The announcement “Next stop is “Dubai Internet City”, the speakers informed us . The train came to a halt at the Dubai Internet Metro City. Only one passenger boarded the train, A woman with a beautiful smile. I noticed him and it was at that moment I could see their eyes meet and it dawned on me that she was the one, he had been talking about.

She came over and stood opposite to us. He was still looking at her, she at him. No words had exchanged for a long time. Finally, I asked, “ hey man is she the one you keep talking about ?“

He rolled his eyes as to say “ What the hell!?”,I was deliberate enough to be loud for  her to hear

She smiled at us and I took it at as the chance and started a conversation. He also joined in and the conversation went on till I got down at ADCB metro station

HIM and HER- EP-2

It was a Tuesday and she was waiting at the bus stop, 83 arrived . 6 passengers boarded the bus from Al Fahidi Metro bus stop B. One of them was him

He sat at his usual seat observing his surroundings. Her usual seat was unavailable so she looked around for an unoccupied seat. It was this point her eyes fell on the seat next to him. She walked towards him with a grace of a dancer and flashed her trademark beautiful smile. “Hi,” she said and sat down next to him

She had been observing him for some time and had intended to make the first move and today it was exactly what she did. She expected something more like the conversation developing and they talking. All he did was a flash a smile back at her.

She waited for some time. Taking out her earphones and plugging into the phone to listen to her melody playlist. She was thinking “ What the hell is wrong with this guy? why doesn’t he say anything? We are entering Dubai Internet City! He has not even spoken anything and my destination will arrive soon!”

Her destination arrived and she got off the bus . She walked away to her office thinking about what did not happen on the bus. She wanted to talk to him, but nothing happened. The whole day went past in a blur , she was lost in thoughts about him. Will such a chance as today present itself again ? Only time would tell….

HIM and HER- EP-1


It was a Tuesday and he was waiting at the bus stop ,83 arrived. 6 passengers boarded the bus from Al Fahidi Metro Bus stop B.One of them was her.

She always used to sit in the same seat from the day he had started observing her. She used to have a routine, a routine which in fact had made him observe her in the first place. As soon as she sat down , she would say “HI” to her co-passengers with a beautiful smile. The smile would brighten the day for the people around her.

Today her usual seat was not available and so she came and sat next to him. His heart skipped a beat when she said “HI” with a smile that he knew would brighten his day. He wanted to reply , but only a wide smile escaped his lips. She took out her earphones and started listening to songs. He was contemplating on how to start the conversation .

“ What do I ask her? …………. Eh…….. oh no!! “. Words being formed in some nook and corner of his brain, none of them were being said out loud for her to hear. By the time he was ready to talk , the bus stopped and she got down. It was her destination and this is where her journey was to end.

He disembarked and reach his office. The day just whizzed past in a blur. He was only thinking about her and the opportunity he had missed. Will he ever get such an opportunity again? Only time would tell….